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Судебное дело "Свердловское областное региональное отделение политической партии «Российская партия труда» против России (43724/05)"

Сопроводительное письмо Европейского суда по правам человека о направлении заявителю меморандума Уполномоченного РФ при Европейском суде по правам человека (на русском языке), с приглашением представить письменные возражения на меморандум с изложением требований по справедливой компенсации и возможности урегулирования с пора в досудебном порядке (на английском)




                              COUR EUROPEENNE


                             DROITS DE L'HOMME







   Г-ну КАЧАНОВУ Р. Е.


   9 July 2007

   ECHR-LE4.3aR Nl/lkh

   Application no. 43724/05

   Sverdlovsk Regional Branch of Russian Labour Party v. Russia

   Dear Sir,

   I  enclose  a  copy  of  the  Government's  observations  on the above
   application  and  a  letter  indicating  their  position  regarding  a
   friendly settlement of the case.

   The President of the Chamber has instructed me to invite you to submit
   by  7  September 2007 at the latest any written observations which you
   may  wish  to  make in reply on behalf of the applicant, together with
   any  claims  for just satisfaction. Before formulating your claims for
   just satisfaction please take note of the enclosed Practice Direction.
   You  are requested to send me a copy of your observations by mail and,
   if  possible,  by  fax. I would remind you that under Rule 34 S: 3 all
   communications  with and oral and written submissions by applicants or
   their  representatives  shall  as  a  rule  be  in  one of the Court's
   official  languages. However, in order to facilitate the processing of
   the  case,  the President has authorised you to submit the applicant's
   observations  in  Russian  if  you  so  prefer.  In  that  event,  the
   observations in English or French should reach the Court no later than
   four weeks after the above time-limit.

   I should be grateful if you would indicate by the above-mentioned date
   the  applicant's position regarding a friendly settlement of the case,
   and  any  proposals he may wish to make. If the parties are interested
   in reaching a settlement, I would be prepared to make a suggestion for
   an appropriate arrangement. Having regard to the requirement of strict
   confidentiality  under  Rule  62  S:  2  of  the  Rules  of Court, any
   submissions  or  proposals  in  this  respect  should  be set out in a
   separate  document,  the  contents of which must not be referred to in
   any submissions made in the context of the contentious proceedings.

   The  Government  have  confirmed  that  they  will be submitting their
   observations  in English and have been requested to submit these by 10
   September 2007. A copy will be sent to you for information.


   With  regard  to just-satisfaction claims, I would draw your attention
   to Rule 60 and would remind you that failure to submit within the time
   allowed  quantified  claims,  together  with  the  required supporting
   documents,  entails  the consequence that the Chamber will either make
   no  award  of just satisfaction or else reject the claim in part. This
   applies even if the applicant has indicated his wishes concerning just
   satisfaction  at  an earlier stage of the proceedings. No extension of
   the time allowed will be granted.

   The  criteria established by the Court's case-law when it rules on the
   question  of just satisfaction (Article 41 of the Convention) are: (1)
   pecuniary damage, that is to say losses actually sustained as a direct
   consequence  of  the  alleged  violation;  (2)  non-pecuniary  damage,
   meaning  compensation  for  suffering  and  distress occasioned by the
   violation; and (3) the costs and expenses incurred in order to prevent
   or  obtain  redress  for the alleged violation of the Convention, both
   within   the   domestic   legal  system  and  through  the  Strasbourg
   proceedings.  These costs must be itemised, and it must be established
   that  they  are  reasonable  and  have  been  actually and necessarily

   You  must  attach to your claims the necessary vouchers, such as bills
   of costs. The Government will then be invited to submit their comments
   on the matter.

                             Yours faithfully,


   )7 17:34

   c 1


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