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                                        THE EUROPEN COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS

                                                            FIRST SECTION

   12 December 2012

   NGO   _____________________________ (name and address of the NGO)

   Applications nos 23818/04 and 42665/06
   SROO SUTYAZHNIK against Russia
   and SROO SUTYAZHNIK against Russia
   lodged on 19 May 2004 and 7 October 2006 respectively



   Non-governmental   organization  ____________________________________ was  
established  ___________________________________________,  to  carry out

   The  NGO_______________________ is following the situation with legal
   status  of  NGOs  in  Russia,  changes  in their registration process,
   therefore  it  is  interested  to  intervene with amicus curiae in the
   cases  of  SROO  SUTYAZHNIK  against  Russia  (No  23818/04)  and SROO
   SUTYAZHNIK  against  Russia  (No 42665/06) lodged on 19 May 2004 and 7
   October 2006 respectively.

   Presentation of amicus curiae will enable the applicant to these cases
   to  prove  the  existence  of  a significant loss for a long period of
   violation  of  its  rights,  and  also  to  demonstrate  to  the  High
   Contracting  Party  to  this  case  and  this  Court  that  aspect  of
   interference with the right guaranteed by Article 11 of the Convention
   considered  in this case does not only affect the position of a single
   non-governmental  human  rights  organization,  but  it  reflects  the
   general  trend  of  interaction  of  public  authorities and the human
   rights community during the last decade.

   This  situation  takes on new relevance today, taking into account, on
   the  one hand, the increase in the activity of civil society in Russia
   in   2011-2012,   and  on  the  other  hand,  the  administrative  and
   legislative  pressure  in  response  to  this  activity,  including in
   particular,  the  adoption of amendments to the Russian legislation on
   NGOs on the status of "foreign agents."

   The NGO _______________ will not be commenting on the facts of the
   case but addressing some legal or factual issue connected to it.

   The  notice of the application has been given to the applicant of this
   case  SROO  SUTYAZHNIK  on  16  November  2012,  when it learned about
   communication of these applications when the post envelope reached the
   office  of  SROO  SUTYAZHNIK  in Yekaterinburg, Russia. The Academy of
   Human Rights is asking this Court to count twelve weeks for submission
   of the request for intervention from 16 November 2012.



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