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   By decree no. 376 issued by the Head of Administration of the Kirovsky
   District of Yekaterinburg in 1997.

   Approved by the General Assembly of the public association "Sutyajnik"
   (minutes of 10 February 1997).



   I. Goals and missions

   1.1    Non-governmental   educational   institution   for   additional
   professional education (advanced training of specialists of the `Human
   Rights  Academy'  [hereinafter:  the  Academy])  is  higher  education
   institution   and   is   established  for  the  purpose  of  enhancing
   professional  skills of specialists, the improvement of their business
   skills,  and  preparing  them  for  new  job  functions.  Short title:
   non-governmental  educational  institution  DPO  (PK)  S "Human Rights
   Academy".   The   Academy   is   a   leading  educational  centre  for
   supplementary    professional   education   in   jurisprudence,   that
   facilitates  the  education  of  highly  qualified personnel, conducts
   fundamental and applied research, and provides necessary consultative,
   scientific    and   analytical   assistance   to   other   educational
   institutions, organizations and private persons.

   1.2 The main objectives of the Academy are: preparing highly qualified
   jurists, specialized in the field of human rights, spreading knowledge
   and  shaping  the  modern  legal  culture in the field of human rights
   protection  on  the  basis  of achievements by Russian and foreign law
   schools,  facilitating international cooperation in the field of human
   rights,  meeting the needs of citizens and professionals for acquiring
   knowledge about the latest developments in jurisprudence, human rights
   protection,  and advanced domestic and foreign experiences, organizing
   and conduct of training and professional retraining professionals from
   business,  organizations  and  institutions, civil servants, redundant
   workers,   and   unemployed   citizens  and  professionals,  realizing
   educational  programs  of  higher professional education following the
   educational  standard  for  higher  professional  education  on  three
   levels:   undergraduate  education,  the  basic  educational  program,
   providing  training  to  professionals  with  a  Bachelors  degree for
   educational  programs,  providing  training  for  professionals with a
   Masters degree, and the realization of additional educational programs
   and  educational  programs  of  secondary specialized education, which

   advanced  trainings,  internships, professional retraining, retraining
   in  accordance  with  governmental standards, realization of copyright
   educational  programs  in  human  rights,  organization and conduct of
   academic   research,   scientific-technical   and  experimental  work,
   consultation,    academic    examination    of   programs,   projects,
   recommendations,  and  other  documents  and materials in the field of
   jurisprudence,  conduct  of  seminars  for  public  defenders of human
   rights,  assistance  in  seeking  employment.  Activities  requiring a
   license are carried out only after obtaining a license.

    3. In  accordance  with  the objectives of the Academy its activities
       are carried out in the following areas:

   development,  adoption and implementation of programs for higher legal
   education  of  a  corresponding  level,  preparing  professionals with
   secondary    higher    education,    with   undergraduate   education,
   professionals  with  a Bachelors degree, jurists with a Masters degree
   qualification;  development, adoption and implementation of additional
   educational  programs  of  higher  professional  education, as well as
   secondary  specialist  education  of  a  corresponding  level aimed at
   preparing  personnel, advanced training for professionals, theoretical
   research, lawmaking and other scientific research in the area of human
   rights  protection,  preparation  of  development  of  schoolbooks and
   educational  materials,  scientific  and  other  works on the subject,
   organization  and realization of educational and scientific relations,
   research  and  development  in  the area of human rights protection in
   cooperation with international and foreign institutions.

   1.4  The Academy realizes methodological and practical developments in
   the field of human rights in the Russian Federation and abroad through
   the  input  by  students,  teachers  of the Academy, practitioners and
   private researchers in the Russian Federation and other countries.

   1.5  The  Academy  carries  out  its activities in accordance with the
   Constitution  of the Russian Federation, federal laws, normative acts,
   and this Charter.

   1.6 The Academy is founded by regional public association `Sutyajnik',
   located  at:  the  city  of  Yekaterinburg,  46-48  Uktusskaya  Street
   (certificate  of  registration issued by the Justice Department of the
   Sverdlovsk region on August 29 1994 under the number 942).

   1.7  The  Academy  may have faculties, departments, laboratories, data
   centres,  labs,  and  other  structural  units.  The  Academy may have
   branches (representations).

   1.8  The Academy is a non profit organization (institution), active on
   the  territory  of  the  Sverdlovsk region. The Academy is located at:
   11-10 Turgenev Street, Yekaterinburg 620052.

   1.9   The  Academy  is  a  legal  entity  from  the  moment  of  state
   registration  and  the procedure established by the legislation of the
   Russian Federation.

   1.10  The  Academy  has  a  current  and other accounts in Russian and
   foreign  currencies  in  banks, a round seal with a short name, stamps
   and forms with its short name.

   1.11  The  Academy  carries  out its activities in accordance with the
   Constitution  of  the  Russian  Federation,  the  laws  of the Russian
   Federation "On Education", and this Charter.

   1.12 The Academy is independent in carrying out educational processes,
   the  selection  and placement of personnel, and scientific, financial,
   economic  and  other  activities  within  the limits stipulated by the
   legislation of the Russian Federation and this Charter.

   1.13  Changes  and  amendments  to  this  Charter shall be made by the
   Academic  Council  and  approved at a meeting of the Council of public
   association `Sutyajnik'.

   1.14  The  Academy  manages,  records  and  preserves  staff documents
   (orders,  personnel  records, bank cards, personnel bank accounts). In
   case  of reorganization the Academy passes specified documents on to a
   legal  successor,  in  the  absence  of  which  the documents shall be
   deposited  at the City Archives in accordance with the requirements of
   the archival institution and at the expense of the Academy.

   1.15  Employees  of the Academy are provided with health insurance and
   social   security  following  the  procedures  and  according  to  the
   conditions determined by law.

   1.16  The  manager  is personally responsible for the efforts that are
   required  for the organization of obligatory record of those employees
   who are reservists.

   II. Management of the Academy

   2.1  The  governing  bodies  of  the  Academy  are  the Rector and the
   Academic Council.

   2.2.  General  management  of  the  Academy  is provided by an elected
   representative body: the Academic Council, headed by the leadership of
   the  institution. The Academic Council of the Academy is elected among
   the  teachers  of  the Academy at the General Assembly. The meeting is
   valid if attended by 2/3 of the total number of teachers. The decision
   is made by majority vote.

   2.3.  The competences of the Academic Council include: the approval of
   educational  training programs for specialists; decision making in the
   area   of  education,  reorganization  and  liquidation  of  branches,
   faculties and departments of the Academy; hearing the Rector's reports
   and  taking  decisions  accordingly; review and decide on proposals by
   the rector on other Academy matters in accordance with this Charter.

   2.4  Direct  management of the Academy is carried out by the Rector of
   the Academy.

   2.5  Departments  of  faculties  of  the  Academy  are  headed by vice
   rectors,  appointed  by the Rector based on a decision of the Academic
   Council of the Academy.

   2.6  The  Head  of the Academy (Rector) is appointed by the Council of
   public  association  `Sutyajnik'  for  5  years  and takes part in the
   Academic Council of the Academy.

   2.7  In the absence of a Rector (if this position remains vacant), the
   Rector's  functions  are  fulfilled  by  a  person  appointed  by  the
   President of public association `Sutyajnik'.

   2.8.  Within  the  limits  of its powers, as defined in Charter of the
   Academy,  the  Head  issues orders and instructions, mandatory for all
   categories of employees and students of the institution, and hires and
   dismisses employees of the Academy.

   2.9.  The  Rector acts without authorization on behalf of the Academy,
   hires and dismisses employees, defines the structure and cadres of the
   Academy,  decides  the  size  of student scholarships, salaries of the
   teaching  staff  and  other employees, and decides on other matters of
   the  Academy,  with the exception of those assigned by this Charter to
   the Academic Council.

   2.10  Within  the  limits  of  his powers the Rector issues orders and
   instructions, binding for all employees and students of the Academy.

   2.11  The  Rector  may delegate some of his powers to vice rectors, as
   well  as heads of departments, faculties and other structural units of
   the Academy to address matters within these units.

   2.12  Activities  of  the  faculties,  branches and departments of the
   Academy,  and  the terms of appointment of their heads, are determined
   in  accordance  with  the  regulations  established  by the Council of
   public association `Sutyajnik'.

   III. Students and employees of the Academy

   3.1  The right to admission to the Academy is reserved for citizens of
   the   Russian   Federation,   foreign  citizens  and  persons  without
   citizenship  (stateless  persons?). Training of specialists the Master
   of  Law  specialization is carried out among persons with higher legal

   3.2  Academy students are those enrolled for education by order of the
   head of the educational institution.

   3.3  Rules  and  procedures for admission to study at the Academy, the
   size  and  structure  of  admission, and curricula are approved by the
   Academic Council.

   3.4  Academy  students,  for the duration of their training, receive a
   certificate testifying to the period of enrolment at the Academy.

   3.5 The rights and obligations of Academy students are governed by the
   present Charter and internal regulations.

   3.6 Academy students have the right to: participate in the development
   of  content  for  curricula  and  to  choose  in consultation with the
   respective  educational  departments  disciplines  for facultative and
   individual  forms  of  education;  use the available in the faculties,
   departments   and  other  structure  units  of  the  institution,  the
   normative,  instructive,  educational  and methodical documentation on
   professional   activities,   as   well  as  the  library,  information
   facilities,  services  of  other  departments in the manner defined by
   this  Charter  or the provisions to it; participate in conferences and
   seminars,   submit  their  essays,  theses  and  other  materials  for
   publication  in  the institutional publications; appeal the orders and
   instructions  of the institution administration in accordance with the
   legislation  of  the  Russian  Federation.  Students  also  have other
   rights,  under  the  legislation  of  the  Russian  Federation and the
   Academy Charter.

   3.7  The level of knowledge of students of the Academy is periodically
   assessed  through  testing  of knowledge, defence of degree papers and
   theses,  essays,  exams,  and  interviews, the composition of which is
   determined by the Board of public association "Sutyazhnik".

   3.8  Academy  students  who  have  fulfilled  all  requirements of the
   curriculum, are admitted to the final evaluation, the results of which
   determine  the  issuance  of  a certificate acknowledging the received
   higher legal training and qualification.

   3.9 The procedure for fulfilment of the requirements of the curriculum
   and  the  final  evaluation  is provided by regulation approved by the
   Board  of  "Sutyazhnik".  A  commission,  appointed  by members of the
   Academic Council, carries out the final certification.

   3.10  The  Academy,  under  the public association "Sutyazhnik", after
   obtaining  accreditation,  issues  to  students  who have successfully
   completed  the  training, the following state documents: a certificate
   of  advanced  training - for persons who passed short term training or
   participated in thematic and case-study seminars on the program in the
   amount  of  72  up  to 100 hours; testimony of advanced training - for
   persons  who  passed  training  on the program in amount exceeding 100
   hours;  a  degree  of  vocational  retraining  -  for persons who have
   received training on the program exceeding 500 hours.

   3.11 Certificates and other documents of Academy graduation are handed
   to  the  graduates  during  a  festive  ceremony  in  the  presence of
   representatives of the public association "Sutyazhnik".

   3.12  Persons  studying  in  authors' (copyright) programs, as well as
   prior  to  Academy  accreditation,  receive  a  graduation certificate
   specimen, approved by the Board of public association "Sutyazhnik" and
   endorsed by the Academic Council.

   3.13   The   Academy   provides   for   teaching  posts,  consultants,
   researchers, technical engineers and administrators. All positions are
   filled   by  labour  agreement  (contract),  in  accordance  with  the
   legislation  of  the  Russian Federation. Teaching posts are filled in
   accordance  with  the  Regulation  on  Placement  of  Teaching  Staff,
   approved by the Board of public association "Sutyazhnik".

   3.14  In  addition  to  the  full-time teaching staff, the educational
   process  at  the  Academy may be carried out by scholars, specialists,
   lawyers from different organizations and institutions, representatives
   of   federal  executive  authorities,  practitioners,  officials  from
   government, courts, prosecution and police under a part-time or hourly
   wage in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

   3.15 For failure to comply by the curriculum, violation of the present
   Charter  and  internal  regulations, the student can receive a remark,
   reprimand  or  severe  reprimand.  For  the  systematic  violation  of
   discipline,  or  academic failure the student may be expelled from the
   Academy  by  the Rector's decree. The student may appeal the decree on
   expulsion to the Academic Council.

   3.16  Employees of the Academy have the right to: advance professional
   and  educational  qualifications  at  the  expense of the institution;
   elect  and  be  elected  to  governing  bodies of the institution; use
   informational  and  methodological  facilities, as well as services of
   the  institutions educational, research, social and household, medical
   and other of its subdivisions, in accordance with the present Charter;
   appeal   orders   and   instructions  by  the  administration  of  the
   institution   in  accordance  with  the  legislation  of  the  Russian
   Federation.  Academy  employees  also have other rights, determined by
   the  legislation  of  the  Russian Federation, the Academy Charter and
   labour agreements (contracts).

   3.17  Academy  teachers  have  the right to participate in shaping the
   content  of  educational  programs,  choose teaching methods and tools
   that  best  meet  their  individual  needs  and  provide  high quality
   educational and scientific processes.

   3.18   Internal  rules  of  behaviour  establish  different  types  of
   encouragement  for  achievements  in educational, methodical, research
   and consulting activity..

   3.19  The  Academy  allows  for  the establishment of trade unions and
   other  public  interest  organizations,  the  activities  of which are
   regulated under the legislation of the Russian Federation.

   IV.  Educational,  methodological  and  scientific  activities  of the

   4.1  Advanced  training  and professional retraining of specialists at
   the  Academy  of  human  rights at "Sutyazhnik" is carried out outside
   work, on the job with partial leave and individual training. Terms and
   forms of advanced training are determined by a Regulation, approved by
   the Academic Council.

   4.2 The Academy may host additional professional educational programs,
   varying in date, level and focus.

   4.3   Additional  professional  educational  programs  are  developed,
   approved  and implemented independently by the Academy considering the
   needs  of the client, as well as the requirements of state educational
   standards for the level of training for a given specialization.

   4.4   The  educational  training  institution  develops  and  approves
   curricula, including curricula for individual specialist training. The
   procedure  for development and approval of curricula is defined by the
   Regulations, determined by the Academic Council.

   4.5  The  educational  process  at  the  Academy  can  be  carried out
   throughout  the  academic  year.  The  workload  of  teaching staff is
   planned  for  the  period  of  the  academic year. The duration of the
   academic  year  is  determined  by  the  Board  of  public association

   4.6  The Academy offers the following types of classes and educational
   works:  lectures,  workshops,  seminars,  laboratory work, seminars to
   exchange   experiences,   field   trips,   internships,   counselling,
   coursework, theses and other types of coursework.

   4.7 For all types of classes the duration of an academic hour is 40-50

   4.8  The  Academy  carries  out  scientific and methodological work in
   order to the improve quality of education, constructed on the basis of
   domestic  and international educational practices, performs publishing
   activities  according to the established procedure, releases curricula
   and  programs,  teaching  materials,  lecture notes and textbooks, and
   organizes   scientific   and   methodical  conferences,  seminars  and

   4.9  Subjects  for  publications,  academic  research and seminars are
   developed  by the Academic Council and approved by the Board of public
   association "Sutyazhnik".

   V. Supervision over the activities of the Academy

   5.1  Immediate  supervision  over the implementation of the curriculum
   and  the  present  Charter by the Academy is exercised by the founding
   public association "Sutyazhnik".

   5.2  Monitoring  of the Academy's compliance with existing legislation
   is exercised by public authorities within their jurisdiction.

   5.3  The  Academy performs operational and accounting audits, conducts
   statistical and accounting, and presents in due form the quarterly and
   annual audit and statistical reports.

   5.4  The  Academy may receive public accreditation in various Russian,
   foreign   and   international   public,   scientific   and  industrial

   VI.  Economic and financial activities of educational institutions for
   advanced training

   6.1  For  the Academy to realize its statutory activities, it may hold
   property    objects   (land,   buildings,   construction,   equipment,
   inventory),  as  well as other property for consumer, cultural, social
   and other purposes, necessary for the realization of these goals.

   6.2  Property of the Academy further includes buildings, construction,
   inventory  and  other property acquired at its own expense, as well as
   monetary  resources,  property  and  other  property  passed  to it by
   individuals and/or legal entities by gift, donation or will.

   6.3  Property  objects, attached to the Academy, are under the control
   of the institution.

   6.4  The  Academy  shall  possess,  use  and  manage  property that is
   attached  to  it  in accordance with its purpose, its statutory goals,
   Russian  legislation  and  the  contract  between  the Academy and its

   6.5  Sources  of property acquisition and financing of the educational
   institution   for   advanced  training  are:  material  and  financial
   resources  of  the  founder(s);  resources, received through statutory
   activities;  bank credits and other creditors; voluntary donations and
   allotted  contributions  from  legal entities, including foreign ones,
   and other sources.

   6.6  The Academy may engage in business activities provided for by its
   Charter, in accordance with Russian legislation, is this is not to the
   detriment of the main statutory activities.

   6.7 The Academy may use bank credit and is responsible for any failure
   to comply with loan settlement agreements.

   6.8 Within the limits of its existing funds for labor remuneration the
   Academy  independently  determines  the  form  and  system  of  wages,
   allowances, bonuses, and other incentive-based payments.

   VII. International activities of the Academy

   7.1  The  Academy  conducts  international cooperation in the field of
   advanced   training   and   professional   training   of  specialists,
   pedagogical  and scientific activities, and non-economic activities in
   accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

   7.2  Advanced  training  and  professional  specialist  retraining  of
   foreign   nationals   at  the  educational  institution  for  advanced
   training,  and teaching, scientific research and internships abroad by
   students  and  staff  are  carried  out  on the basis of international
   agreements and treaties.

   VIII. Liquidation and reorganization of the Academy

   8.1  The Academy may be reorganized or liquidated by the founder or by
   court  rule  in  cases  provided  by  the  legislation  of the Russian

   8.2  The order of liquidation and settlement with creditors is defined
   by applicable law.

   8.3  In  case  of  liquidation of the Academy, its remaining property,
   after  fulfillment  of  creditors claims, shall be decided over by the
   owner thereof.

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